Parent Resource Guide

You have a CHOICE in where to educate your children and cost should not be the deciding factor. YES Fund for Kids is here to help families interested in utilizing the Arizona Private School Tuition Tax Credit program to assist with tuition costs. A scholarship awarded to the applicants must be used as allowed by Arizona law solely for tuition expenses at a qualified Arizona private school, Kindergarten through 12 grade, that the applicant attends or will attending.

Scholarships are awarded from funds in which donors are utilizing the Arizona Individual Private School Tuition Tax Credit by making contributions each year. Donor may recommend a student and/or school on the donation form. The recommendation of the donor will be considered in determining the scholarship allocation, however, financial need will also be addressed and all final decisions in awarding scholarships are at the discretion of the YES Fund for Kids board of directors. A donor may mot recommend their own dependent. A student may receive scholarships from more than one School Tuition Organization, but applying with other organizations reduces the availability for other students in need

Simple steps to be tuition free

Educate yourself about the program


The Arizona Tuition Tax Credit program gives YOU the unique opportunity to raise support for your child's tuition to almost nothing? It's true! If four donors each make $1,000 tax credit contributions and recommend your child, at least 96% or $3,840 can be awarded to him/her as a tuition scholarship. Networking with other parents is probably the most effective strategy for finding ideas and advice to help raise donations.

Tax law is complicated, so encourage the potential donor to contact us or their tax preparer for further questions.

We understand that many fmailies have moved

Communicate the advantages of the program


Let's face it, raising donations for any cause is hard work. It's difficult to think of who to ask, let alone getting them to make the contribution. add the phrase "tax credit" , and many people would rather say "no thanks". By using various resources, you can inform potential donors of how painless and beneficial their contribution can be. Remember you are not asking them for a donation, you are asking them to re-direct the taxes they already owe to the state by making a dollar-for-dollar tax credit contribution to YES Fund for Kids. The donor may also claim the contribution as a deduction on their federal tax form, thus reducing their overall taxes paid. Not only does the donor have control of where their tax dollars go, they reduce their federal taxes, and they assisted your family in making the best education choices for your child. You may then have a donor say, "It's too good to be true!" 

  • Hand out YES Fund brochures, 
  • Write a personalized letter
  • Send out emails
  • Make phone calls
  • Use social media or social gatherings to engage in a conversation.

Enjoy the school year without the stress of tuition payments


We recommend that you start raising donations before your child starts school. This gives donors enough time to financially plan their contribution, and parents the peace of mind knowing tuition will be covered when it becomes due.

To be eligible to receive a scholarship, you must complete a Student Scholarship Application for your family each school year.